Seed funding slows in Silicon Valley

The bloom is off seed funding, the business of offering money to brand-new startups, as investors have a more measured approach to funding emerging U.S. tech businesses.Funding has been sliding with the amount of trades down about 40 percent since the peak in mid-2015, for the previous two decades, statistics show. Dollar investments in businesses have declined dropping more than 24 percent over the same period. The downturn comes by people despite an explosion of interest.And Read more [...]

Women-led U.S. startups attract Only fraction of venture Cash

Promising startups in america get when directed by women, a shred of the billions of dollars shareholders pump to them, a study discovered on Tuesday.Between 2011 and 2013, companies with a female CEO received $1.5 billion of the $51 billion venture capital investors poured to those that they deemed promising, or a mere 3 percent of available dollars, according to the analysis by U.S. researchers. They discovered that teams that were all-men were likely to win venture Read more [...]

Tax mistakes for businesses

If tax time is a hassle for small business owners, it may help if they thought as an after-effect of it instead.Its cause things slide over the preceding year."Setting up proper taxation structures and monitoring the essential information -- these are the things which should be happening during the year, instead of waiting until tax time to be worried about it," said Paul McVean, tax partner in Anklesaria McVean Professional Corp. in Toronto. "A lot of time people scramble Read more [...]

How can businesses handle interest rates?

Amid speculation that was wide, the Bank of Canada raised its benchmark interest rate for the first time. All signs suggest that the optimistic and positive outlook for the market indicates a turning point toward a trend in interest rates in Canada. Small to medium-sized private companies might be among the groups from the speed increase. Based on Statistics Canada's , funding was sought by over 50 percent of enterprises in Canada, and 80 percent of startup businesses Read more [...]

I turned down a deal on Shark Tank

I went from being Lisa Binderow, yoga instructor turned tonbsp, mom-to-be and entrepreneur;. Barbara Corcoran made me an offer of my organization; for 40 percentnbsp. After negotiating forth and back, I walked away from the offer and declined. nbsp;Some might say that I am mad to pass on what might have been an opportunity to work with an unbelievable mentor, to not mentionnbsp;somebody who I admire and respect. However, under those lights and with the cameras I had Read more [...]

Losses can benefit your business

Sheena Brady, founder and chief executive officer of Ottawa-based Has dreams for the tea industry she launched. "Our objective is to become a worldwide e-commerce company," states Ms. Brady, a certified tea sommelier who were employed in the hotel and restaurant business for years before deciding to jump into entrepreneurship. "We ship to every country on earth." Tease Tea is on track to reach 1-million in revenue and turn a tidy profit by the end of the year, Read more [...]

Default title

When workers receive their slip, they focus to employment insurance and the Canada Pension Plan.Rarely do they assess until an accountant gets it or they get a notice in the Canada Revenue 25, whether the company made a mistake.Accountants say it is not unusual for companies to make mistakes on T4s because the companies do not know what benefits are taxable to employees, or they forget to include them. "It is more common that most folks believe," says Gabrielle Loren,nbsp; Read more [...]

Finance seeks to aid Alberta’s Local females start companies

While Lou Ann Solway was wanting to take up a ranching enterprise on Alberta’s Siksika Nation hold 20 years before, banks wouldn’t offer her enough time of morning. She'd learned 10 brain of cows and desired capital to get 20 more. Despite running a tiny herd as guarantee, and having ongoing expertise ranching, lender after lender made her along. “I was aboriginal, I used to be a female. From the one lender stating, ‘only guys try this,’ but not in numerous Read more [...]

How-to decrease the duty chunk when promoting your organization

While they make to retire, a break of entrepreneurs will undoubtedly be promoting their organizations. And something of the greatest dilemmas they must be considering – right-now – is fees. “It’s the trillion-money problem: What am I planning to do with my enterprise? Plenty of folks are wondering that problem nowadays,” suggests Frank Fazzari, a CPA and managing associate of Fazzari Partners LLP in Vaughan, Ont. From the moment an entrepreneur has made Read more [...]