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Is a tech specialist who advises small businesses on all things electronic. She’s also the founder of , a technician training firm for companies and individuals across Canada.

With 23 million Canadians using Facebook every month, it seems sensible for manufacturers to leverage the platform to connect with their viewers. However, with so many people sharing articles there daily, it can be tricky to stand out. 1 feature some tiny companies are turning to is Facebook Live.

The attribute allows anyone on Facebook to broadcast a live-streaming video for their friends or followers. First established in 2015 as a tool for public figures, the feature is currently available to anybody on Facebook, including companies. Streaming a live movie requires no special equipment or software — many use the camera in their smartphone. With such a low barrier to entry, Facebook Live video can be an enjoyable component of a new social networking content strategy.

The tool is very attractive for small companies hoping to expand their reach on Facebook on a restricted budget. The platform’s algorithm does not allow many (outstanding) articles from companies pages to appear in lovers’ News Feeds. Live movies cut through the algorithm, and therefore are more likely to be viewed in News Feed than other content types.

It may also be a fantastic way to build brand awareness and customer engagement. Facebook estimates that 10 times more people comment on Facebook Live videos than on routine videos.

Tanya Dodaro and Livia Grujich are co-founders of , and they advise customers like Condos.ca, Pure Organic Foods and The Healthy Crunch Company to experiment with Facebook Live.

“With Facebook Live, the number one suggestion is to be certain that you’re being authentic,” Ms. Grujich stresses.

Despite the fact that it’s possible to utilize third-party streaming programs or multiple camera setups, an integral appeal of Facebook Live is its informality, Ms. Dodaro explains. “It’s live, it is assumed to be unscripted. That’s a vital thing to remember. It is what people want to see,” she adds.

Facebook and other social networking platforms need material, and creating original material can take some time and effort. Streaming a Facebook Live video is effective. Ms. Grujich explains, “What is nice about Facebook Live is how it remains on your page. When you are live, you get to interact with people, and then the video resides on the webpage. That means that you can repurpose it{}”

Ms. Dodaro and Ms. Grujich counsel their customers to use Facebook Live to discuss an inside look into their companies. They think product launches and live events are a natural match for the medium, but promote their customers to not stop there. “It is always great to display your team, your workplace,” Ms. Dodaro states.

Ms. Grujich adds, “With Condos.ca, people want to satisfy up with the team and see who is behind this site. Having them walk around the office actually enables people to feel like they’re a part of their workplace.”

However, live video can be frightening for company owners, as it involves transparency. Many are worried about making a mistake or unintentionally sharing trade secrets by displaying too much on camera.

Ms. Dodaro reminds clients to “practise without being overly rehearsed and scripted. Smile facing a mirror. Understand what your most important points are. If you can get three important messages out within your Facebook Live, it is a success.” And if the individual on-camera does make a mistake, then laugh about it and proceed. It is a part of the culture of live video, and audiences tend to be forgiving of errors. It’s okay not to be produced and slick.

Boost your Facebook Live video beforehand so that your audience understands when to tune in. Also consider having someone else in your staff join you through the live stream. Ask a colleague to log into the provider’s account and respond to comments. That way the individual on-camera will not feel overwhelmed by the comments coming in and won’t miss anything while being the star of this movie.

Lastly, check your stats. Facebook gives a whole lot of advice to manufacturers on how Live movies performed. You can see the amount of people you attained, and demographic information about them. Assess how long people saw, what portion of your movie had the maximum number of live audiences and reactions throughout. Utilize those insights to plan your next Live stream. “Within the movie, you can see when people are coming on, when they are dropping off. Look at what worked about the movie and what did not; you will have the ability to find out what got people excited,” Ms. Grujich states.

Courtesy: The Globe And Mail

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